Derby Mum

By Moose - 21st July 2017

Ever since my mum found derby it has changed both her and my life majorly. She has gone from not doing much, both physically and socially, to now spending most of her time training to become stronger physically or socialising with her derby family.

Having a derby mum has opened up a whole new world full of different experiences; it has introduced me to new people within a new community. Honestly, it has taken over her life it is her passion and she constantly strives to become a better player: practising the drills and rereading the rules. It’s all she talks about!! Then there’s the notorious smell and pads, helmets and skates taking over the utility


I am a very lucky daughter, I have been with her through her derby experience the whole way and to see how much she enjoys it brings me great happiness. I have been welcomed greatly into the community by all the ace mums in NCVR and that comforts me to an extent in which I can mess about with them and have a laugh. I am so glad that my mum has found this sport and it has been brought into mine and her life.